Things that we just can't live without
John 3:16 and JESUS


For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

 A Letter From JESUS
Dear Friend,
I am sending you this letter by way of one of My disciples. I just want to tell you how much I love you, and how I want very much to be a part of your life.

This morning when you awoke, I was already there in the warm radiant sunshine that filled your room. I waited for you to speak to Me, but you never did.When you went out the door,I again tried to get your attention. I kissed your
face with a soft and gentle breeze. I even breathed upon you My set flowery and fragrant breath.
Then, I sang you some beautiful love songs through the birds in the trees. But you just walked on as though I weren't even there. Later in the day, I stood by watching as you talked,joked and laughed with your friends. I waited for you to speak to Me,but you never noticed Me.
O' how I wish that you would take a few minutes to talk to Me each day.
Then,this afternoon I sent you a refreshing shower. I even shouted at you several times with thunder trying to get your attention,but again you failed to notice My Holy Presence. Then, I painted for you a beautiful rainbow in the sky. I just knew that you would see Me then. But, you were too busy doing other things. This evening I sent you a colorful sunset to close-out your day.And as you laid own to sleep,I winked at you thousands of times though the stars in the sky, hoping that you would see Me, but you never noticed Me. Then I spilled moonlight upon your face to let you know that I am fright here before you go to sleep each night,but you never do. My dear child, it hurts Me so much for you to ignore Me. Nevertheless, I will continue to watcver you all through the night,hoping
that you will notice Me and speak to Me in the morning.
I have revealed Myself to you in so many wondrous ways and all that I want is for you to accept Me as your Lord and Savior. For you see,I am truly the only One who can save you and provide all of your needs. My love for you is deeper than deepest ocean, and O' so much bigger than
the great blue skies. Please let Me hear from you real soon; I have so much to share with you. O.k?
I love you
Your Friend Forever And Ever

GODS armer


Dear God, by faith I now put on Your armer to protect myself from Satan's attacks. Help me use the:       

BELT of TRUTH so I will speak only what is true. Help me understand truth from the Bible so I won'e beleave Satan's lies. 

BRESTPLATE of RIGHTEOUSNESS by reminding myself that you look at me through Christ's righteousness. Help me do what's right.

SHOES of the GOSPEL of PEACE to standfirm so Satan won't discourage me from telling others about  it JESUS

SHIELD or FAITH so I will trust You to help me fight off the fiery darts of Satan when he tempts me to sin or to be discouraged.

HELMENT of SALVATION to gurd my mind against Satan's lies, and to remind me that I am your child. Help me think Your thoughts.

SWORD of the SPIRIT witch is the Word of God. Bring to my mind Bible verses to use when fighting Satan's attacks. ( Just like Jesus did )

Thank you God for your armor. I will fely on it to give me strength to stand against Satan. Amen

I do thank you Lord Jesus for your love for me. jamie

Peace And Love
In The Name Of
Jesus Christ.

To you, from Jamie Dolph.

Jesus made you for a purpose- You are special to Him!  Your heart won't hurt if you let Him heal you and keep you in His loving arms forever. Peace and Joy be yours in the name of Jesus!!!!

ASAP Always Say A Prayer for the lost SOLES
 and the Oklahoma Sooner's.

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