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Dolph's Genealogy


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  LOUIS De Saint
            KNIGHTED IN 1370 By
Charles LeSage King of France
LOUP) DeWolff


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                                                         Baltazar DeWolff

                            1620 Sagan,Germany. Lpme, Connecticut 1696

                                                    Edward Nathan De Wolfe

                          1646 Lpme, Connecticut. Maine 1784

                                                           Stephen DeWolf

                               1679 Lpme, Connecticut 1709

                                                            Stephen DeWolf

                                    1709 Lpme, Connecticut. Maine 1784

                                                            Benjamin D'Wolf

                  1743 Rochester, Massachusetts. Ticonderoga, New York 1776

                                                             Nicholas D'Wolf

                                 1774 Connecticut. Rising Sun, Indiana 1819

                                                         Benjamin Lewis Dolph

                       1801 Lawrellcebille, Pennsolvania. Fisher, Illinois 1882

                                                           Richard Lewis Dolph

                         1836 Bear Creek, Illinois. Chehalis, Washington 1928

                                                            Isaac DeVore Dolph

                                  1861 Champaign, Illinois. Oklahoma 1930

                                                           James Walter Dolph

                         1885 Cilmore, Oklahoma. Midwest City, Oklahoma 1969

                                                         Earnest Jackson Dolph

                                            1913 Oklahoma. Oklahoma City 1977

                                                  Earnest James Walter Dolph

                          1936 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Ufalla Oklahoma 1991

                                                      James Earl Daniel Dolph

                            1958 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Living Oklahoma City

                                                          Judah James Dolph

1994 Oklahoma CIty, Oklahoma. Living Norman  

Isaac James Earl Dolph
2019 Ada, Oklahoma. Living Norman

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