A Better Plumbing Inc.
                         "You Approve The Price Before We Start"
We Go Where No Man Goes
  James E. Dolph                                        54 Plus Years of Experience
Hot Water Tank Specialist                  James E. Dolph 
6 Year Manufactures Warranty                       President, Founder, 
5 Year Labor Warranties                                                            Owner and Operator
Specialize in Residential 
Second Generation Contractor

   A Better Plumbing Inc.                35 Plus Years of Business
Heating and Air Conditioning.
               5 Year Labor Warranties
24 hour Emergency Service and Repairs

                             Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning
                         Service, Repairs & Replacements
                     Residential Commercial & Mobile Home's                      
                    North 340-0488 Central 232-2911
                                South 580-622-2222

    All Gas Line Repairs and City Inspections.     

                     Hot Water Tank Specialist 
     Slab Leaks, Under Concrete Water Pipe Leak     
                            Detection & Repairs.

We (Technician) will Travel to All Cities in the 
         State Of Oklahoma for All Service and Repair work. 

·                          Professionally Trained 
                               Licensed - Bonded – Insured
                Made In The USA and use America Made Parts

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                  To Request An Appointment or for Emergency Service. 
Call Now Area Code (405)
340-0488 Central 321-1234
                                                  South 580-622-2222
           E-mail at
Payments made by cash, checks and most manger credit cards we will
also barter and or trade for anything of equal value.
State License Number: # 00236

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                                             INDUSTRIES BOARD 405-297-2504
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